With a focus on mathematics and science,
we prepare out students
for the workplace of tomorrow.
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To create a pipeline of students of color,
who will attend Howard University
and enter the STEM fields.
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- Summit Personal Learning Platforms
- Advanced courses in Mathematics & Science
- Rigorous courses in English and Social Studies
- App development taught using APP Inventor
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Greetings From the Head of School

We believe in the success of all our students. (MS)2 is a place where asking the right questions is more important than providing the right answers. Every stakeholder at (MS)2 must agree that we will do whatever it takes to ensure that every young person that enters our school is given every opportunity to achieve their personal goals. We realize that the work we do is not easy.

-Kathryn Procope, Head of School


2, Half-Day
15, Half-Day
18, Martin Luther King Jr., Day
12, Half-Day
15, President's Day | SCHOOL CLOSED
5, Half-Day
19, Half-Day
29, Parent Teacher Conference
2, Half-Day
5-9, Spring Break
16, Holiday
5, Cinco De Mayo
7, HU Graduation | School Closed
31, Holiday
28, Half-Day

Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science believes that Black Lives Matter because it embodies the vision and ideals of our school community. We grieve the unjust loss of life at the hands of those we trust to protect and serve us and we stand in support of their families demanding justice and change from elected officials who represent us.

Our school will transcend racial inequity, the result of centuries of oppression and trauma, to a healed place where our students flourish and grow, and together we will shape the systems, policies and practices that support our community.

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Their Lives Matter. Our Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter.