Mission Statement

Howard University Math and Science PCS’ mission is to provide a sound foundation in all academic subjects, with a concentration in mathematics and science; the intellectual, social and emotional growth of each student will be nurtured, while an appreciation for diversity and sensitivity of all individuals will be encouraged in an enriched educational environment that will prepare students to succeed in high school and beyond.

Who We Are

The Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science (MS)² is a public charter school committed to academic excellence, focusing on mathematics and science for grades 6 – 8. (MS)² is a high-performing charter school, created in partnership with Howard University, designed to deliver programs to help students reach their goals and develop the skills needed to succeed beyond the classroom.

STEM-Based Approach

Students are prepared for career and entrepreneurship opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines from their education at (MS)². Our STEM curriculum is based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. Rather than teach the four disciplines as separate and discrete subjects, our STEM curriculum integrates them into a cohesive learning model based on real-world applications.

What separates our STEM education from traditional science and math classes is our blended learning environment and real life application of the scientific method. Lessons focus on teaching students computational thinking and real world problem solving. Our focus on STEM is to meet a need, a very real need of highly-skilled engineers, scientists and similar professionals for tomorrow’s workforce. Our students receive the highest quality education to lead them to discovery and new technology, so they can lead the next phase of the world’s innovations.

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics affect every aspect of our lives. Educating our youth about STEM is the only way forward because the jobs they will occupy have not been invented yet! If the U.S. is going to compete in the ever-changing global economy, exposure to STEM related curricula is critical.

By 2018, projections estimate the need for 8.65 million workers in STEM-related jobs. The manufacturing sector faces an alarmingly large shortage of employees with the necessary skills — nearly 600,000. The field of cloud computing alone will have created 1.7 million jobs between 2011 and 2015, according to the report. The curriculum provided at (MS)² allows students to obtain real world  problem solving experience, which helps our students understand and embrace the technology that affects them on a daily basis.

Our Culture

The (MS)² school is designed to meet the needs of early adolescence, a time in which young people seek to develop their strengths, interests, and values while striving to understand the interconnections of the world. As students move from elementary school to high school, middle school provides students with multiple opportunities for academic risk taking and exploration. A team of teachers provide guidance by working in close collaboration to move students from concrete to abstract thinking. Our staff is committed to helping all students, including those with special needs and learning differences, identify their academic and non-academic talents so that they can develop their full potential.

(MS)² provides a unique, educational environment that allows students to excel. Our comprehensive approach to staff and curriculum development helps prepare students to succeed in high school and beyond by fostering scholarship, excellence and creativity. By igniting a student’s creativity, we prompt students to think critically and continuously inquire. Our programs motivate students to attain a strong work ethic to motivate them to learn and complete the work required. Our educators are committed to setting high expectations, establishing rigorous academics and instilling an appreciation for learning in every student. They also provide students with resources and guidance to help them achieve their goals in a fun and exciting way. By the end of their last year in middle school, our graduates are prepared for not only high school coursework in STEM areas, but are inspired to seek careers in a STEM-related field.

(MS)² also believes parent involvement is  very critical for student growth as they are more likely to earn higher grades and test scores, enroll in higher-level programs, attend school regularly, have better social skills and adapt well to school. Meaningful parent involvement is recognized as the strongest predictor of a child’s educational achievements. Our goal is to engage families in their child’s education by having them set expectations for the child to do well, plan for college and talk about their school activities together. When a child has a strong foundation at home, it will reassure them of their parent’s support, allowing the student to constantly improve their achievements, develop a good work ethic and develop appropriate behaviors that contribute to their success.

Our school is very fortunate to say that it is more than a school. (MS)² is a family of students, staff, parents and community members who have the same vision in mind and work collectively to give our children quality education. Everything at our school is done with great pride and a true sense of a distinct direction toward the future.

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