“It is important for me as the Special Education Coordinator that I convey to my team and the school at large that students with disabilities are general education students first, then students with disabilities second. “We”, the entire school staff, has a duty, to assist the students with disabilities with reaching their greatest potential. The Special Education department are not miracle workers, however we put forth all of our efforts to assist student with making appropriate progress within the curriculum. I have some exceptional teachers within my department, with expertise in special education, Math, and English. Within the Special Education Department we are prepared to advance not only the academic performance, but also functional performance (executive functioning, social skills, behavior, and/or communication), with the assistance of a variety of accommodations, as we develop and implement the students individualized education plan. In addition to educating our students, it is equally important that we educate their families, ensuring that there is equity of voice and the parents feel as much a part of the team as the teachers within the department, when we are developing IEPs for the students. I am excited about the upcoming school year and watching the individual growth of each one of the students within our department.”


Shaunique Poole, Special Education Coordinator

Special Education Team


Shaunique Poole

Special Education Coordinator

Siri Caviness

8th Grade Special Education Teacher

Patrick Noel

7th Grade Special Education Teacher
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